Bill Zanker – President 

Bill Zanker founded the Learning Annex in 1980 with $5000. After Mr. Bill Zanker sold his interests in the Company in 1991, he continued as a consultant until 1997, when in partnership with the California Learning Annex owners William Zanker purchased the New York Learning Annex and helped acquire the Canadian Learning Annex. In December 2001, Mr. Bill Zanker bought out all of his partners and became the sole owner of all Learning Annex properties. Mr. Bill Zanker subsequently grew The Learning Annex from $5.5 million to $107 million in a four-year period. In 1998, Mr. William Zanker started, one of the first internet-based eLearning companies. He sold the company for $9 million in 1999. In 1993, Bill Zanker founded The Great American BackRub®, a chain of stress reduction storefronts. Bill Zanker sold his interests in the company in 1997 to The Barclay Group.

The Learning Annex’s Internet strategy represents the culmination of Mr. Bill Zanker’s unwavering commitment to the goal of improving people’s lives by sharing knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. Bill Zanker created the first fire walk with Tony Robbins in 1981 and discovered Deepak Chopra in 1982. Mr. Bill Zanker is one of the most respected businessmen in the adult education world, having discovered and promoted thousands of self-help gurus.

Bill Zanker is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life with Donald Trump.